Monday, September 21, 2009

Welcome to Training for Prior Authorization of Advanced Imaging

Welcome to my blog! My name is Theresa Richards. I am a nurse consultant for Rosewood Consulting, a company I created to train staff how to perform prior authorization for advanced imaging (MRI, CT, PET scan, nuclear medicine).This blog was designed to provide information and tools for prior authorization of advanced imaging.
Proper training is important to eliminate delays and denials. After witnessing for many years how medical staff struggle with this process, 1 out of 3 callers were unable to complete the questions being asked of them to obtain prior authorization. Why is this an issue? Because it means the patient's test is delayed or even denied. The amount of time staff spend on the prior authorization increases as well as cost. It means that the nurse or physician must take time away from patient care to submit additional information. There is stress and frustration. This unique training program I have developed provides training not offered by the health insurance company or radiology benefit management company. Even with the prospect of healthcare reform, prior authorization for advanced imaging will not go away. For the health insurance companies, it is a way for them to control cost and promote efficiency in advanced imaging. That will not change with a governmental plan. It may even be more stringent. Time will tell.

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