What Can I Do For Your Business?


-Identify problem areas with staff and resolve these issues as they pertain to the prior authorization process

-Teach staff how to organize clinical and provide a clear picture to the clinical reviewer to expedite the prior authorization process

-Decrease stress and frustration of staff

-Provide ways to reduce the amount of time staff spend performing prior authorizations and increase productivity

-Teach common mistakes staff make when obtaining prior authorization

-Educate staff regarding the types of advanced imaging and indications for each, including radiation and health risks

-Give feedback to medical providers on how to make their charting prior authorization friendly

-Provide information/resources for obtaining correct CPT codes and/or correct imaging study for the area being imaged

-Decrease amount of time the medical provider spends on the prior authorization process by educating and training staff to efficiently perform this task

-Improve patient outcomes by obtaining the right test at the right time

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