Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Medical Office Staff Are Stressed Out!

Seems like everyone is so stressed out these days! Today medical office staff are overworked and tasked with new duties for which there is minimal training. I know, I have been there, working in many medical offices over the past 10 years. On the job training was the rule, not the exception. And for the past 5 years as a nurse reviewer for one of the largest advanced imaging management companies, I have heard from many medical office staff how stressful their days have become. Coordinating care with patients, doctors, insurance companies and other medical facilities all at one time can be extremely stressful. The University of Pittsburgh Medical Center writes,"studies show that stressful working conditions are actually associated with increased absenteeism, tardiness, and turnover--all of which have a negative effect on the bottom line." This is a serious problem. One of the ways stress can be reduced with the prior authorization process(aka predetermination) is by having proper training. Stop the stress and frustration associated with this process by viewing my website to see how I can help.

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